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Call Center System

Upgrade your business with the fastest, easiest, and most affordable method of phone calls.

Call Center System is a technology that allows users to make and receive telephone calls using an internet connection.


Call Center System offers countless advanced features and benefits that exceed many classic on-premise phone systems. It has unlimited scalability and most importantly, it’s often far more cost effective for businesses of any size.


Call Center System comes with two exceptional services:

Cloud PBX (Hosted Call Center System)


A multi-featured cloud system via the internet that reduces your call system's maintenance needs and costs.

This Call Center System service is hosted off-site and it’s easy to maintain, as opposed to an on-site physical Call Center System equipment which is generally costlier and requires time and expertise to configure and maintain yourself.

This service comes with twenty features that will suit your company's every need:

  1. Call Center Software
  2. Auto Attendant
  3. Forwarding
  4. Find Me
  5. Follow Me
  6. Voicemail to Email
  7. Business Call Management
  8. Group Call
  9. Call Filtering
  10. Call Routing
  11. Call Queues
  12. Call Recording 
  13. Call Monitoring
  14. Call Barge
  15. Call Whisper 
  16. Call Pickup or Call Flip
  17. Automated Answering
  18. Shared Line Appearance
  19. Click to Call
  20. Custom Ringback

SIP Trunk

The best solution for any company with a classic on-site system.  

With this service, your company’s on-site physical equipment can be connected to Call Center System to save a lot of maintenance costs and time, allowing your call system to connect from anywhere to everywhere in the world.



Get Call Center System now and let your company enjoy all its benefits


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