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Short code & Toll Free

The short code and toll free services from Korek Business provide a professional approach for companies to serve their customers through a dedicated number and be able to accept more than one call simultaneously.

Companies will eliminate the cost of buying any hardware or software and hence reduce the expenses that could have been paid to get a professional calls routing service.

Non-governmental organizations will be able to provide a toll free number that will accept calls without charging the customer. The calling charges will be paid by the NGO instead of the customer.

Our business team will make sure you have the correct setup and configurations to support your operations.



Offer Details :

Short Codes: The charging for incoming calls will be on customers’ account.

Toll FREE: The charging for incoming calls will be free of charge for the customer.

The client will pay the incoming calls on a monthly basis. MSISDNs outgoing events are set by default to “inactive”. You can request to enable outgoing calling and messaging if needed.


The offer details are listed in this table: 

Short code will be diverted to


SIM Cost (IQD)

0 (IQD)


Only Voice Service (No SMS, No Data)..

Service Activation Fee
 (Toll Free or Short Code Number Allocation)

120,000 IQD ,
 one time only

Diverted MSISDN Monthly Charges*


Calling Tariff

84 IQD Voice on net / Min

126 IQD Voice off net / Min

*Monthly Charges Details


 - Postpaid Lines charges (12,400 IQD/ MSISDN/ Month)
 - Diverting Service (47,600 IQD/ MSISDN/ Month).


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