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Corporate Social Responsibility

Korek Telecom takes great pride in its corporate social responsibility program. Over the years, Korek Telecom and its staff have continuously supported the development of IT and Technology nationwide. Furthermore, Korek Telecom has given many youths the opportunity to work with the newest hardware and software for a hands-on experience. 


Korek Telecom has supported communities throughout the nation through its support for health awareness, environmental causes, cleaning projects, women empowerment, talent programs, animal rights, and other programs. On a yearly basis, the company distributes food for the needy during the holy month of Ramadan, distributes learning materials for the less fortunate children, and supports various health awareness initiatives. 


The biggest pride of Korek Telecom was during the war and recession in the country that began in 2014. Korek Telecom was affected by the war and recession like other companies across all sectors, but unlike most other companies, Korek Telecom refused to lay off any employees and to cut any employee’s salary. The company led the reconstruction efforts in the provinces that were left demolished by ISIS terrorist with Korek Telecom being the first telecommunications company to fully rebuild its network in those areas. The engineers followed the Peshmerga Forces and Iraqi Army rebuilding the network simultaneous with the liberation efforts. 

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