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Captain Korek

The “Captain Korek” Service is a subscription service exclusive to Korek Mobile Phone subscribers, renewed every day, which provides sports news feeds to users (web & App and SMS based). Moreover, it will consist of a web game in which users will play and compete to win weekly prizes, by correctly predicting the outcome of international football matches. Moreover, subscribers may answer the Trivia Questions to increase their points for the prizes. Participants, apart from the weekly top scorer prizes, enter weekly draws & the Grand Prize draw for prizes.


  • Weekly Draw for 2 winners 

2 prizes of 300,000 IQD in cash awarded every week  

  • Weekly Top Scorers 1 winner 

300,000 IQD in cash awarded to the Top Scorer that week 

  • Weekly Draw for 7 winners 

7 prizes of 25,000 IQD credit awarded every week 

  • Grand Prize Draw for 2 winners 

2 lucky winners will receive the grand prize of 25,000,000 IQD in cash


How does the service work?



Benefits to Customer


  • Get the latest Sports News in your preferred language.
  • Get match Statistics, Highlights, Reviews, and Daily SMS Sports Information.
  • Captain Korek players are entering the weekly contest leaderboard as per the points accumulated within the website and app.


How to Un-subscribe?


Send 0 or STOP to 3230 free of charge 


Download the app via:


app store           



Term and conditions 


For more information, please call our customer care at 411 

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