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HUAWEI AppGallery

Korek and Huawei let you buy whatever you want from HUAWEI AppGallery and pay for it with your Korek balance!


You can now buy apps and themes on HUAWEI AppGallery, and do in-app purchases using your Korek balance.


To enjoy this service, simply follow these steps:


  • Open your HUAWEI AppGallery app if you have a Huawei phone. Those who own other Android devices can also download the app by clicking here...
  • Create a new Huawei ID, or login with your current Huawei ID if you already have one.
  • Register your Korek number into the account so you can buy apps using your mobile number.
  • When you buy an app or do an in-app purchase, choose to pay by phone number and select your phone number to continue. You will receive an SMS with the confirmation code to continue paying with your Korek balance.
  • When the transaction is done, you will receive an SMS that contains details of your purchase and the paid amount.


For more information, please call our customer care at 411

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