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KOREK Studio Application

Melodize your life the way you like

Korek Studio is the best way to Play & Download music with no limits, right on your Mobile Phone! 

This application allows you to search, listen and share your favorite songs with your friends on social media.

The application is available for all Korek subscribers across Iraq.


How to Apply?

  •  Download Korek Studio directly from Google Play for Android devices, and the App Store for iOS devices.

                  App Store         Play Store

  •  Or, Send 1 for Kurdish, 2 for Arabic, 3 for English to 366 and you will receive a link to download the Korek Studio App.
  •  Or, call IVR 366 and follow the instruction. 




  • 600 IQD/Week for using the Korek Studio App, unlimited song download.
  • 600 IQD/Week for using the Korek Studio IVR
  • 300 IQD/Min call duration for IVR Korek Studio 366.
  • 300 IQD/Min call duration for IVR Korek Studio 366.
  • 240 IQD download song via IVR for Android Only.
  • 240 IQD dedicates the song to the friends via IVR. 



Benefits to Customer

  • The subscriber can listen to his/her favorite songs at any time.
  • Adding your favorite songs to your playlist so you can listen to them when you are Offline.
  • Share songs with friends through SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Dedicate songs to your friends via IVR 366 
  • Enjoy listing to songs by region: Iraqi, Kurdish, Lebanese, Khaliji, Syrian, Morocco, Turkish, and Persian.
  • Thousands of Singers and Albums are available.
  • Category by Genre is also available, i.e. Classic, Dance, Romantic, Driving, Mawal, etc.



How to Un-subscribe?

  • Send 0 to 366
  • Call IVR 366 and press 9 



 For more information, please call our customer care at 411

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