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Keep Talking

Keep Talking is a service allowing Korek prepaid subscribers to request for extra credit when they run out of Balance. Upon recharge, Korek will get a fixed amount of service fee.

Subscribers can request the credit via dialing *202#.


Keep Talking

Credit Amount

1,200 IQD

Service Fee

150 IQD


7 Days (Used or not)


- Current Balance should be less than 250 IQD.
- Not a new customer: Line is recharged at least 3 times and to be on network more than 90 days since activation and the line should be in active status.
  - No pending reimbursements


Once at the next top up

Usage type

On-net, off-net Voice and SMS only.

How it works?

Getting this service is very simple.

1- Dial the USSD code allocated for Keep Talking service: *202#.
2- The system will check whether you are eligible or not (according to the defined criteria).
- If eligible: credit will be granted and you will be notified.
- If not eligible: a notification message will be sent informing the customer that he can’t activate this service.


Benefits to Customer:

You don’t have to miss the opportunity to make that call when you run out of Balance.

No time to get to Korek shop and recharge? No problem. Use “Keep Talking” and make that very urgent call, then recharge when you get the chance!


More details:

1- The total amount of the credit will be reimbursed from you –regardless if you used it or not; reimbursement can take place through any top-up channel: scratch cards and balance transfer.

2- Line Activity Status: you should have recharged your line at least 3 times and to be on network more than 90 days since activation and the line should be inactive status.

3- The granted credit will be available for 7 Days only; after that, the amount will not be available for use.


For more information, please call our customer care at 411

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