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Notify About Me

Now you’ll never miss that call.

At Korek Telecom we are committed to offer you the service you deserve…no longer should you miss that call because you are out of coverage. With Notify About Me, we let the person who is wishing to contact you know that you are now available.

Notify About Me is FREE of charge and can be activated or deactivated as you wish by simply dialing on your mobile phone *212# and following the prompts.
 Available to prepaid and postpaid customers, our notifications are offered in three (3) languages (Kurdish, Arabic, and English).




Notify About Me is FREE of charge to prepaid and postpaid customers.


How it works?


Dial *212# and from the menu choose Calling Services and then Notification Missed Calls and finally select Notify About Me Service.


Benefits to customer:


You will never miss a call. Anyone that is trying to contact you when you are out of coverage or have your handset switched off, will be notified when you are available again.


How to apply?


You can decide if this service is important to you. To activate Notify About Me you simply dial *212# from your mobile phone. You can use the same short code to deactivate.



For more information, please call our customer care at 411


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