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Voice Mail

As Korek Telecom is committed to keeping you connected, you will never miss a call even if your phone was engaged, switched off or out of reach. your 24 hour voicemail service will automatically take messages for you.

You will receive a text message to your phone to let you know when you receive a message.

To listen to your voice mail messages simply dial

  • *222 from your mobile phone and follow the prompts
  • From a friend mobile by dialing 224 and enter your mobile number then your PIN code.

Personalizing your voicemail service with your name let your friends know that they have reached the right person when they call or record a customized greeting message by your voice.


The service has the following package and pricing:

Subscription fee
FREE of charge
Leave / Send a voice message
Normal call rate
Retrieve a message
FREE of charge
Retrieve a message from a friend’s mailbox
FREE of charge

How it works:

To activate your voicemail, divert your incoming calls to the voicemail number 222.

Or use the commands here

To deactivate the service, remove the diverting to the Voicemail number 222 from your phone.

Benefits to Customer

Voicemail is the 24-hour answering service that automatically takes a message for you when your phone is in use, switched off or when you can't answer your phone.

How to apply:

Voicemail is automatically available to all customers. To activate simply divert your incoming calls to the voicemail number 222, and dial *222 from your mobile phone to personalize the setting of your mailbox by following the prompts.