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BlackBerry FAQs

Tell me about the Korek BlackBerry service? What does it do?

BlackBerry Internet Solution from Korek is a complete solution which allows you to get instant e-mails on your BlackBerry Smartphone. Using BlackBerry® smartphone and BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS), you can send and receive emails, wirelessly sync calendar and contacts, make calls, access the Web and enjoy many other advanced features.
BlackBerry Internet Solution is perfect for busy individuals, small businesses, and independent professionals who want simple access to email and web accounts where ever they are. You can access up to 10 business/personal email accounts on a single BlackBerry smartphone.

How does a BlackBerry work?

BlackBerry (BB) automatically delivers your email to your BlackBerry smartphone, allowing you to respond quickly where ever you are. BlackBerry is powered by Korek’s fast and reliable GPRS /EDGE / enabled network.

What are the benefits of BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS) from Korek?

BlackBerry allows you to stay in contact with your emails anywhere, anytime. As soon as a message arrives, your BlackBerry instantly lets you know. You don't need to log on or manually check your accounts. Your emails arrive just like a text message (SMS). No longer do you have to travel with a laptop to access data services such as emails or the web. Your BlackBerry does it all.

 Other benefits include:

 > Simple set-up on your phone or via your PC.

 > Easy to use.

> Access up to 10 em10 email accounts, including Gmail, MSN or POP3/Internet Service Providers (ISP).

 > Out of Office reply.

 > Customizable signature.

 > Choice of “Sent from” addresses.

 > View popular attachments in color (JPEG; BMP; TIFF; Microsoft Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®,   Corel®; WordPerfect®; and Adobe® PDF).

 > Set up of individual email account icons on your BlackBerry home screen for each of your email accounts. Click on each icon to see the incoming and outgoing messages related to that particular email account.

How do I activate my Korek BlackBerry Service?


 > Dialing *250#


 > Korek mobile app


Who can activate the BlackBerry Service?

Postpaid and prepaid customers can activate this service.

What do I need to access Korek’s BlackBerry Service?

 > 10,000 IQD to activate a BlackBerry 30 days, 20,000 IQD to activate a BlackBerry VIP 30days, 8,000 IQD to activate a BlackBerry Complete 30days, and 5,000 IQD to activate a BlackBerry Social 30 days.

 > GSM BlackBerry device.

Which handsets are compatible with the BlackBerry Service?

All BlackBerry handset models are compatible.

Which plans are available with BlackBerry Service?

 > BlackBerry VIP 30 days, 20,000 IQD.

 > BlackBerry 30 days, 10,000 IQD.

 > BlackBerry Complete 30 days, 8,000IQD.

 > BlackBerry Social 30 days, 5,000 IQD.

On average how much do data services cost per month?

According to the packages available in the market, the BlackBerry data usage for Plus package is 1000 MBs for VIP package is 2000 MB, 750 MB for Complete and 500 MB for Social plan; as a monthly FREE usage per customer which includes chatting, as well as the use of up to 10 different e-mail accounts (for VIP and BB and 1 account for complete), including all social and instant messaging applications such as MSN, G-Talk and Yahoo Messenger.

Can I renew my BlackBerry plan?

Yes, renewal can be activated automatically if you enable it from the renewal feature available in the USSD menu *250# with enough credit in your account: 20,000 IQD for BB VIP plan, 10,000 IQD for BB plan, 8,000 IQD for BB Complete Plan and 5,000 IQD for BB Social .                                                                                                                   


How do I renew and select another plan?

One (1) day before your plan expires you must dial *250# saying “opt-in” to activate the auto renewal. To select another plan you can benefit from (Upgrade) feature available in *250# menu.

Where can I purchase a BlackBerry Devices?

BlackBerry handsets are available for purchase at any of our Korek stores and kiosks.


Can I access my BlackBerry service through placing my SIM card in a USB modem?

No, BlackBerry data packages can only be used through BlackBerry devices, a; customers will be charged for usage on any other devices or modems.


Can I download files (documents, music, videos) through my BlackBerry data package?

Yes, you can download files & attachments as part of your BlackBerry data package.


Can I cancel the service at any time?

Yes, customers can cancel the service at any time by dialing *250# and selecting “Stop Renewal” option from the menu. Customers also can cancel by calling customer care on 411 or visiting any Korek  store.

What happens if I don’t have enough credit on my balance to cover the service monthly charge or if I didn’t pay my bill?

You will receive an SMS notification informing you that your service has been suspended.

How can I inquire about my BlackBerry data package usage?


Dial on your handset *250# and follow the instruction.


Can I carry over my data package to the next month if I didn’t use it all in one month?


No, each month your data package is reset.


How long does it take to access data services and how quickly can I start using them?

For customers who subscribed via calling USSD code, their data services will be activated within minutes from receiving activation confirmation SMS.

For customers who subscribe through one of our stores or by calling customer care, the service will be activated within minutes.



Can I use BlackBerry data services when I’m roaming abroad?

Yes, you can use data services when you travel. You should request the roaming feature to be added to your account at any Korek branch. However, a deposit will be required under Korek’s credit control policy. For prepaid customers this deposit is activated by default.

Your BlackBerry data services will work while roaming abroad with selected GPRS partner operators, but you may be charged higher rates on their networks. To find out our list of partner’s operators, please call 411.


Can I access my personal emails from Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail as well as my work emails on my BlackBerry?


Yes, you can access Yahoo, Hotmail, and any other internet email accounts.
And yes, you can also access your work email, provided that your corporate email is configured on POP3 / IMAP then this account can be configured on BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS).


Can I open attachments using my BlackBerry? Can I edit/modify these attachments and forward them?

Yes, you can open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments using your BlackBerry. You cannot edit the attachments with the standard applications of the BlackBerry. However, there are third party applications, which are available online which allow you to edit attachments.


Is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) free of charge?


No BBM is not free of charge and usage is deducted from your monthly allowance. The following application services are also included in your monthly allowance:


 > Sent and received emails

 > Any third party applications which rely on data transfer (e.g. MSN, Yahoo, etc.)

 > Calendar & contacts “synchronizing”

 > Any internet browsing using the BlackBerry browser or Internet browser

 > Messages sent through BlackBerry Messenger


What should I do if my BlackBerry® Smartphone is lost or stolen?

Please call Korek customer care at 411 and request the agent to have your account deactivated immediately.


I use the BlackBerry services of an operator outside of Iraq. Can I access these services while I am roaming in Iraq?

Yes, it is possible. Please check with your Home operator for the list of roaming options and data charges with operators in Iraq.


Can I access emails and the internet on my BlackBerry when I’m not on Korek’s network?

You will need to be in a Korek coverage area to access the internet and receive new emails. However, when you are not connected to our network you will be able to read old e-mails in your mailbox.


Can I browse the Internet with a BlackBerry smartphone?

Yes, you can, BlackBerry® smartphones have an inbuilt Internet Browser.


What happens when a prepaid customer doesn't have enough balance in their account on the date of subscription renewal? Does the subscription date change when they recharge the next time?

On the date of renewal, if the prepaid customer does not have enough credit on their balance their BB service will be deactivated.


Where can I download the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager or Smartphone software?


Please click here to download the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager or Smartphone software.


Choose the Korek Package for BlackBerry Service that suits your needs:

Package name

Subscription in IQD

local data usage

How to subscribe

BlackBerry VIP


2000 MB

Dial *250*3*1*1#



1000 MB

Dial *250*3*1*2#

BlackBerry Complete


750 MB

Dial *250*3*1*3#

BlackBerry Social


500 MB

Dial *250*3*1*4#


What are the differences between the BlackBerry VIP, Plus, Complete and Social Services? 


BB Social

BB Complete




BB Mail ([email protected])

BB-Built Social Networking Applications*

Internet Browsing

App World

BB-Built IM Applications

Option for Integrating Email Addresses


BlackBerry Protect





BES Express



What is BlackBerry Complete?

BlackBerry complete plan is another exclusive BlackBerry bundle service from Korek. By Korek’s BB Complete, you can not only stay connected to your social circle but also get 1 integrated e-mail address with app world and internet browsing.


What is BlackBerry Social (BB Social)?

Social is the most cost-effective BlackBerry plan for Korek Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers. BB Social allows you to enjoy unlimited Social Networking, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Instant Messaging.


What are the applications I can use with BlackBerry Social?

Social Networking can be enjoyed only via the following applications: Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Instant Messaging can be enjoyed via the following applications: Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk.

Can I browse the internet while I’m subscribed to BlackBerry Social?

Yes, Mobile Browsing is also included while subscribed to BB Social.