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Bouquet Narcissus FAQs

What is the Bouquet Narcissus?

Its prepaid bundles' voice on net, off the net, free on net SMSs and free data usage design for prepaid subscribers

What kinds of bundles are available?

Its four bundles with different values show in the table below:

Bundle type
Monthly subscription in IQD
Minutes to korek and to all local operators
Free on-net SMSs
Free Data usage(MB)
How to subscribe
Dial *253# and follow the instructions
Dial *253# and follow the instructions
Dial *253# and follow the instructions
Dial *253# and follow the instructions

How do I purchase Bouquet Narcissus?

Via dialing *253# and following the instructions

How do I know that I have been activated on the service?

You will immediately receive a text message confirming your activation.

Can I renew the Bouquet Narcissus subscription?

Yes, It's auto-renewal if the subscriber has sufficient balance in his account.

Can I upgrade my Bouquet Narcissus before finish the package that I subscribed during the same month?

Yes, you can via dialing *253# and follow the instructions to choose Upper Bouquet.

How subscriber can stop the renewal for the next month?

Via dialing *253# and following the instructions

Is the old quota will be added to the new bundle Quota while upgrading?

No, only the new quota will be valid.  

How subscriber will know his subscription will end?

Subscriber will receive message notification in the last 3 days

Is the remaining value will be shifted in the next month?

No, no rollover

Can subscribers subscribe to one of these bundles through IVR?

No, it’s only via dialing *253# from your phone device and following instructions. 

What happens after the bundle has expired?

The normal tariff applied

How often am I allowed to change the bundle?

You may change the bundle that is used to either via dialing *253# and following the instructions to stop renewal the same bundle in the next month or when your bundle minutes has exhausted

Can subscribe again during the same month to one of the bundles available if I consumed the value of minutes for the last subscription?

Yes, you can if you consumed the value of minutes for the last subscription and subscribe again with any bundle you request.

Does the Bouquet Narcissus work while I am roaming?

No, it's only used inside Iraq

If I do a SIM replacement will I be required to subscribe again?

No, the bundle is connected to your mobile number

What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to renew my subscription at the time of renewal?

The renewal will fail at this time. normal tariffs applied

How do I know that the subscription has been renewed?

Upon renewing the subscription you will receive the confirmation message contains the bundle value and expiry date