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Call Me Service

What do I need to know about Korek’s Call Me service?

You need to make a call but you are out of credit. Now with Korek’s Call Me service you are never out of touch. You can send five (5) text messages a day FREE of charge to ask people to call you back.

How does it work?

The service is available to prepaid customers only and your balance needs to be less than 25 IQD to be able to use this service.

How many messages I can send per day?

You can send up to five (5) “Please call me” messages per day.

Can I send this message to other local networks or to international numbers?

Call Me is available only from one Korek customer to another.

How much does this service cost?

You can send five (5) Call Me messages a day FREE of charge.

How do I activate this service?

This service is automatically available to all prepaid customers.

How do I use Call Me?

There are two ways to use Call Me:

  • Dial from your mobile phone *212# and from the menu choose Calling Services and Call Me service
  • Dial *213* followed by the number you wish to contact # and then press Send. e.g. *213*0750xxxxxx#Send

Is Call Me available for postpaid and prepaid subscribers?

Call Me is only available for Korek prepaid customers.

Why would I need this service?

For your peace of mind, Korek’s Call Me service means you can always stay in touch with your friends and family – even when you’re out of credit.