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Credit Transfer

What is Korek’s Credit Transfer service?

Credit Transfer is Korek Telecom’s innovation for transferring credit from one Korek phone to another.

Why is Korek Telecom introducing these products?

At Korek we constantly strive to be innovative and to be the first to market with new products and services that deliver real value to our customers. 

How much can I transfer and in what quantities? Do I need to stick to the denominations for store vouchers?

No. You can transfer any variable amount between 1,000 IQD and 600,000 IQD.


  • Customer A would like to transfer 3,000 IQD to customer B.
  • Customer A will send via *215*B number*3000# and press Send e.g. *215*0750 XXX XXXX*3000#Send

Is there a maximum amount of credit that can be transferred?

Yes. The maximum amount that can be transferred is

  • 60,000 IQD per day
  • 600,000 IQD per month

Are there any criterias that customers need to meet to transfer credit?

Yes, the sender must be an active prepaid & postpaid customer with a balance no less than 1,000 IQD. 

Is there a limit to the amount of times I can transfer credit?

Yes, you can make up to:

  • 5 transactions per day
  • 30 transactions per month. 

How can I transfer credit?

There are two ways to transfer credit:

  • Dial on your mobile phone *215*Korek phone number* amount# and press Send e.g. *215*0750 XXX XXXX*3000#Send
  • Dial *212# and from the menu choose Account Services then Credit Transfer

Is there a service fee for transferring credit?

Yes. The charge is 350 IQD per transaction. 

What are the criteria for sending credit?

To send credit, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must be a Korek prepaid customer
  • Must have an active account
  • Must have adequate balance higher than the threshold 1,100 IQD
  • Any bonus credit cannot be transferred
  • Activation credit cannot be transferred

What happens when the sender (person giving credit) has confirmed the transaction?

The sender receives the following text notification:
”Credit has been transferred to 0750 XXX XXXX” 

How will the recipient be notified that credit has been added to their account?

Recipients will receive the following text notification:
“You have received XXX IQD from 0750 XXX XXXX”

How does Credit Transfer affect your airtime expiry?

Sender: There is no change in the airtime expiry of the sender.
Recipient: The airtime of recipients:

  • Will be extended of one day (24hr) if current validity is 0 days.
  • Will not be extended if current validity is 1 day and above.

Does Credit Transfer work while roaming?

This depends whether your host network supports this service. 

Will customers be able to transfer funds to and from Korek customers on other network?

Korek customers will only be able to transfer funds to prepaid  & postpaid customers on the Korek network. 

Will Korek refund customers who claim that someone accessed their phones and transferred credit from it?

No. Customers are responsible for securing their handsets and will be responsible for all activities generated from the handset.

For further information, please visit your nearest Korek store or authorised retailer, or call 411 from any Korek handset.