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Facebook FAQ

What is SMS to Facebook service?

This service will allow you to send updates (Facebook direct messages) via text messages from your Korek Number. You will not need internet access or a data connection on your handset to use the Facebook text service. By sending a text to the shortcode 2266 you can update your Facebook status, communicate with your friends among other Facebook profile functions.

What is the cost to send a message to the service number?

The cost to send an SMS is 25 IQD.

How do I sign in?

You can send a text with the word “Fb” to 2266 and you will receive a reply asking to sign up if you are a new subscriber, or reply with your user name if you have an existing account. 

If you have an existing account, reply with your user name. Facebook will ask to verify your password, and if it's correct, the first post will be posted and you will be notified! (If you don't get a confirmation text right away, check your profile page to see if the post was added).

What if I don’t have a Facebook account, how do sign up from my mobile?

If you don't have an account, reply with SIGN UP. You will be asked to choose a user name, and once Facebook receives it, you will be asked to text your first post.

What else can I do from my mobile to Facebook via text messages?

You can send private messages, mark updates as favorites, or even remind someone to update their Facebook page if you're wondering what they're doing and many other things by using Facebook SMS commands. Please go to the following link to learn about Facebook commands:

Can I follow my friends using Facebook text on my mobile device?

Yes, you can get updates sent to your handset. Please go to the following link to learn about Facebook commands: 

Example: subscribe George

To turn it off you can send “unsubscribe username” to 2266

Note: using subscribe/unsubscribe username from your phone only stops notifications to the place the command comes from; you'll still able to collect a person's updates on the web.

Or they can visit the website and switch the alert for mobile devices on/ off.

How many characters are allowed in a short message?

A message will only be limited to standard SMS length: 160 Characters for English and 70 characters for Arabic and Kurdish.

Will I be able to update Facebook text if the text messaging service is down?

If SMS is not available, then Facebook SMS cannot be used.

Can I invite someone from the other network using Facebook text?

No, you can only invite persons who are on the Korek network.

Am I charged for receiving alerts from Facebook?

No, you are not charged for receiving Facebook SMS alerts.

Can I use this service number for any other social network such as Myspace/ Facebook?

No, the service number (2266) provided can only be used for Facebook.

How can I unsubscribe from receiving alerts from this service on my handset?

Users can send “STOP” via SMS to 2266. Message price is 25 IQD