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Fly Mobile Roaming Service

What is Fly Mobile Roaming Service?

Fly Mobile roaming service enables roaming subscribers to keep in touch using their handsets while flying over the air.

The following link can be used to determine the service availability on a certain flight: 


How can I subscribe to Fly Mobile Roaming Service?

No subscription is required as the service is active for all roaming subscribers who have active roaming service.


Can I use roaming promotions while using Fly Mobile Roaming Service?

Yes, the same benefits will be applied inside the plane coverage.


What’s the offered price for minutes, SMSs, and Data roaming service?

Prices will follow the same values for the roaming network that offers this service as per the announced prices.


I have a problem with the service and would like to get support

Kindly call 411 from inside Iraq or 009647508000411 while roaming abroad. Our customer care team will be happy to help you.