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Friends and Family FAQ

What is Korek’s Friends and Family Service:

A service which allows you to create a group of contacts and call them on a lower rate all day long.

How many contacts can I add to this service:

You can add up to six (6) Korek numbers.

How can I activate the service:

By dialing *254# or dial *250# and follow the instructions.

What is the monthly subscription fee for this service:

The monthly subscription fee is 1500 IQD

How do I know that I have been activated on the service:

You will receive a text message confirming your activation.

How much does it cost to add a number to the list:

Adding number fee is 200 IQD.

How can I add numbers to my friends and family list:

By dialing *254# or dial *250# and follow the instructions.

Can I remove a number from the list:

You can remove any number free of cost from the list at any time.  By dialing *254# or *250# and follow the instruction.

Does the offer valid in all over Iraqi governorates:

Yes, the offer is valid in all Iraqi governorates.

Can I replace a number on the list? How much does it cost:

You can replace any number on the list by removing one of the existing ones and adding the new number. The fee is 200 IQD (Removal is Free and Adding a number is 200 IQD).

Can I add shortcodes numbers to friends and family group:

No, the service is valid only for Korek numbers starting 075xxxxxxxx

Can I add numbers from other operators to my friends and family list:

No, the service is valid only for Korek numbers.

If I do a SIM replacement will I be required to reactivate the service:

No. The friends and family service is connected to your mobile number. Hence, the service activation will still be available after a service conversion.

What is the benefit of this service:

You will enjoy discounts on outgoing calls making to six (6) pre-selected numbers on the Korek network.

What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to renew my subscription at the time of renewal:

The renewal will fail at this time and the service will be deactivated.

Can I renew the Offer subscription:

It's auto-renewal if the subscriber has sufficient balance in his account.

How can I brow the list of friends and family numbers:

Via dialing *254# or *250# and follow the instruction.

What happens after deleting all numbers from the list of friend and family before 30 days period expires:

The service will be deactivated immediately.

Do the friends and family service work for prepaid and postpaid:

No, it’s only available for prepaid as A-Number; you can have any pre-paid or post-paid Korek numbers as b-Number.

Can I deactivate the friends and family service before the 30 days period expires:

Yes. By removing all the friend and family numbers from your list. Also, you can deactivate the service by dial *250*4*2*4*1# or *254*4*1#. 

How subscriber will know his subscription will renew:

Subscriber will receive message notification in the last 3 days of the subscription.

Am I required to reactivate the service if I convert from prepaid to postpaid and vice versa:

Yes. The friends and family service is working only for prepaid subscribers. If subscriber converts pre-paid to post-paid he will lose the service. If the subscriber converts post-paid to pre-paid they can activate the service.

Does the friends and family service work while I am roaming:

NO. It’s working only inside Iraq.