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International Roaming FAQ

What is International roaming & how is it different from International calls (IDD)?

International roaming is a service that allows you to use your mobile while traveling abroad. This is available as a result of international agreements between mobile carriers.

International Roaming is not the same as International (or IDD) calls. International calls are those made from Iraq to a destination abroad.


Are there any differences in international call charges between postpaid and prepaid subscribers?


Yes. Please refer to our price list.

How do I make a call while traveling internationally?


When arriving at your destination, and switching on your mobile phone, the name of the mobile operator in the roaming country will appear on the handset.

Before dialing an Iraqi number remember to add the international prefix +964 or 00964. For example, if you want to call your family or friends in Iraq, dial 00 964 750 XXX XXXX.


Which countries can I roam in and what are the costs involved?

 Korek has roaming agreements for voice in nearly 200 countries. Each country that you visit will have a specific rate of service, based on the pricing zones.


Are there any Peak/Off-Peak hours to make an international call and how will I be charged?

 No. Prices are the same all day.


Do I need to manually choose a specific network when I am roaming?

 No. As long as International Roaming has been enabled on your service, you do not need to worry about selecting a network for roaming services.



How much am I charged for data roaming?

 Please refer to our roaming price list.

How do I send SMS while I'm roaming?


There is no difference in sending SMS and making calls, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Insert "+"
 Step 2: Followed by the Country Code

Step 3: Lastly the area code and the mobile number.

Am I charged for receiving calls whilst I'm abroad?

 Yes, please refer to our roaming price list.




For more information, please call our customer care at 411 from inside Iraq or 009647508000411 while abroad.