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Internet Services

What is GPRS?

Korek Telecom is proud to offer you services that will help you enjoy life’s precious moments with your loved ones all the more. With Iraq’s largest and more reliable GPRS network the opportunity to share life’s moments – in picture, sound or moving video – is now in your hands.

And we give you the services you need to support your working life and businesses. Such easy access to data services will change the way you communicate. 

What is the service scheme available?

  • Data Packages: This provides a certain amount of data per period (week, month) for a fixed fee. Data offers are suitable if your usage is consistent every period (week, month) and you want to keep down your periodic cost. 3 different Weekly and monthly packages are available.

Are data charges deducted from my credit balance immediately?

The charges for GPRS are deducted immediately.

Can I access my e-mail account from my phone using Korek’s internet data services?

Yes, you can access your email if your mobile has a built-in browser. If your mobile does not have a built-in browser you can attach your mobile to a laptop or a PC and access your email through GPRS.

Can I use my data service while roaming?

Yes, using GPRS while roaming depends on the operator you roam with. Check here for the list of operators and services available in each country.

How to use web browsing?

Web browsing allows you to not only visit websites such as, but also better view images, videos and enjoy clearer audio from your mobile handset or computer.

With Korek data services you can browse the internet anytime or anywhere from your mobile phone.