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Keep Talking FAQ

What is the “Keep Talking” service?

Is a service from Korek that grants you -when you 0 or low balance- some financial assistance through a small amount of credit that you will repay at your next top-up.



Is there any service charge when requesting the service?


Yes, “Keep Talking” service fee is 120 IQD.



What is the amount of Credit?

1,200 IQD.



How do I access the “Keep Talking” service from Korek?

Simply by dialing *202# from your phone



Is the reimbursement done once or partially?

No, the reimbursement is done once at the next topup and regardless of topup channel whether it was scratch cards, credit transfer…etc.



When the reimbursement does occur?

At your next top-up.



How do I know my “Keep Talking” balance?

By dialing *202*20#



What is the validity of the granted amount?

7 Days.



When I am on call and I realize my credit is running low, will I be able to hang up and request for “Keep Talking” Credit?

Yes, you can hang up and request for the credit.



What happens when I didn't consume the credit amount within the validity period?

The amount will be available for use during the validity period only. Else it won’t be available for use after that.


Can I get “Keep Talking” credit when you already have an active voice bundle but no balance in the main account e.g. Nirgis subscription?

No, if you have free voice resources (more than a minute) then you won’t be able to get the service.


Is it possible to transfer the gained credit balance to a friend?

No, you are not able to transfer your credit to a friend.


What is the criteria condition to subscribe to the service?

Yes, you shouldn’t be a new customer, and you have recharged your line by at least 3 times since activation and your balance must be less than 250 IQD.