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Korek Mobile App - Registration Guide

a) iOS: Visit the Apple store and download the app 

Android: visit the paly store and download the app

b) Launch the app and click the Register button.

c) You can register with your Korek number only in the ‘User name/ mobile’ field, then you can update your profile information at any time you want [to add your name, email, date of birth, city,…].

Note: Korek Number should start with country code. E.g.: 964750xxxxxxx

d) You will see an interactive message of ‘Welcome. You have successfully registered to Korek Self Care. SMS sent to your phone with your password. You can update your profile information at any time you want’.

e) You will receive a message on the registered Korek number with your temporary password.

f)  Sign up with your Korek number and the received temporary password.

g) You will see an interactive message of ‘You have logged in using a temporary password [Valid for one use only] You are kindly requested to change your password, to secure your account’.

h) Enter the old [received] password then choose a new one consists of 6 characters that you can remember easily and re-enter it.

i) You will see an interactive message of ‘Your password has been changed successfully. Please login back again to secure your account’.

j) Login back with your phone number and the new chosen password

k) Now you have finished registration and have access to your account information [balance, active offers, used and remaining quota, expiry date, …] and you can do different actions like [activate renewal, …].