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Postpaid Plan FAQs


Who do apply for Postpaid?

It is open to all the prepaid customers and new customers wanting to join postpaid services.

What is my Rate Plan?

This is the tariff plan that you have chosen, on which your mobile connection is being billed.

How often can I change my plan?

You can make changes to your Plan once a month.

Can I use my current number on Postpaid?

Yes, the same existing prepaid number can be used on Postpaid after it is converted. Please visit the Korek shop for more information.

Can I change my account from Postpaid to Prepaid?

Yes, you can make the changes and vice versa.


Will I be notified when my bill is ready?

Yes, you will. You will receive a text message via SMS to your mobile number respectively.


Where can I pay my bills?

You can visit any of our Shops for bill payment.


How do I get my monthly bills?

Currently by SMS notification to your mobile number.


Can I change my plan?

Yes, You can make changes to your plan by visiting any Korek POS, but activation of the new plan will be effective on the first day of the coming calendar month.


When do I need to pay my bill?

You will need to pay your bill by the 30th day from the Bill Date (i.e. when your bill is generated). For example, if your Bill Date is 8 June 2014, you will need to settle your bill by 7 July2014.


Whom to contact for any requires?

You should call our Call Centre number 411, we have dedicated team to serve you anytime.


How long is the contract period?

There is no contract limit period.


How to Apply?

Visit any of our Korek POS or Korek Representative available in the market.


How fast can I get my account activated?

The account is activated as soon as all the required documents (Personal Passport Picture, Civil ID, Residence card, Food ration card) have been submitted and the application form has been filled.


Can I pay my bills in advance?

Yes you can make advance payment that will be deposited in your account.


Can I sign-up for a postpaid plan without a contract?



How do I get activated on Postpaid?

You just need to visit any of our shops with all the requirements needed(Personal Passport Picture, Civil ID, Residence card, Food ration card) and you will fill out an application form for activation.