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Short Message Service FAQ

What is a text message (SMS)?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, and is probably better known as a text message. An SMS (text message) is a short message, which can be sent to and from a mobile phone.

Can my phone receive text messages?

Nearly all mobile phones purchased in the last ten years are capable of sending and receiving text messages.

What is the advantage of using text messaging?

Text messages are a brief, effective, inexpensive means of communication. Most people carry their mobile phones with them wherever they go, so unlike email, text messages can reach people when they are away from their desks.

Can you guarantee delivery of every text message that I send?

No. As text messaging is a store-and-forward technology dependent on carriers and their networks, it is impossible to guarantee delivery of a text message.

What is the cost of an SMS to other operators?

The cost of SMS varies from operator to another operator. Find out here about SMS tariffs and view our complete pricing page.

Do you charge for incoming text messages?

No. We do not charge you for incoming text messages.

How many characters may I include in a text message?

A standard text message is limited to 160 characters for English and 70 characters for Arabic. Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation.

How long does it take to deliver a text message?

Text messages are usually delivered to mobile phones in a few seconds to a few minutes. During peak hours, there could be a short delay. Please note that additional delays may occur if recipient's phone is turned off or out of the coverage area. When this happens Korek will attempt to deliver your message for up to 72 hours.