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USSD Call Back Service

What is USSD Call Back Roaming Service?

USSD Call Back Roaming Service is an attractive service for Korek prepaid subscribers who are roaming abroad and would like to make calls with high discounted prices by dialing a specific USSD code in front of the called number.


What’s the offered price for minutes, SMSs, and Data roaming service?

Through USSD Call Back Roaming Service, the cost of the originating call will follow the roaming terminating call price for each of the roaming countries.

Receiving normal MT calls will follow the terminating call price of the roaming network.

Sending SMS will follow the SMS price of the roaming network

Receiving SMS is FREE of charge based on the roaming agreement.

Using the internet will follow the data price of the roaming network.


How can I subscribe to USSD Call Back Roaming Service?

No subscription is required as the service is active for all roaming prepaid subscribers. The subscriber can make a call by dialing *280*B Number#, B number can be in national (075XXXXXXXX) or international formats (0096475XXXXXXXX). Both parties should answer the call in order for the call to be established from the supported visited roaming network. The service will not work from Iraq.


How shall I pay for using USSD Call Back Roaming Service?

The subscriber will be paid from his/her main account balance for every originating call, terminating calls, sending SMS, and for Internet usage while roaming.

In case the prepaid customer is subscribed to a roaming bundle, then the payment will be done from the roaming bundle as per the roaming activity (originating call, terminating call, SMS, internet).

If a prepaid subscriber does not have enough balance, he/she must recharge his account to be able to roam and subsequently use the USSD Call Back Roaming Service.


Can I use USSD call back roaming service at Korek’s network in Iraq?

No, this service works while roaming outside Iraq at any of the supporting visited networks.


I have a problem with the service and would like to get support

Kindly call 411 from inside Iraq or 009647508000411 while roaming abroad. Our customer care team will be happy to help you.