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Voice and SMS Roaming Bundle

What is Voice and SMS Roaming Bundle? 

Korek cares of its customers and works hardly to provide whatever service the user can benefit from.

Voice and SMS Roaming Bundle offers 3 categories of bundles to the customer who roams around the world. By subscribing to the bundle, the customer will be able to use the roaming service with great discounted prices.


How can I subscribe to Voice and SMS Roaming Bundle? 

You are required to dial *255# then select Global Voice and SMS bundles by pressing 2, select 1 if you would like to subscribe to the first bundle, select 2 if you would like to subscribe to the second bundle, select 3 if you would like to subscribe to the third bundle, or select 0 to return back. Then you need to restart your phone. Once you receive the subscription confirmation message, you’ll be able to utilize the offered free minutes and SMS during a validity period of 10 days


I have a problem in the service and would like to get support. 

Kindly call 411 from Iraq or 009647508000411 while roaming abroad. Our customer care team will be happy to help you.


What’s the offered minutes/SMS per bundle and what’s the cost per each? 

You can select any of the following bundles with a validity of 10 days:

 > 10 minutes & 10 SMS for 10,000 IQD.

 > 15 minutes & 15 SMS for 15,000 IQD.

 > 25 minutes & 25 SMS for 20,000 IQD.


What will happen when my bundle balance finishes or expires? 

Your account will immediately resume normal roaming charging. It’s highly recommended to check your bundle balance through the message that you received after last roaming bundle call and to check your bundle validity period to avoid bill shock. 


Can I use the minutes and SMS for any destination? 

You can use the offered minutes and SMS to any destination whether inside the roaming country, towards Iraq, or even towards international destinations. 


How can I check my bundle balance? 

Korek made it simple for you. You will receive notification SMSs showing the consumed minutes and SMSs from your active bundle when reaching 50%, 80%, or when consuming the whole bundle balance.


Can I share my bundle balance with another number? 

The service has been offered per subscriber basis and hence each subscriber has to do the subscription to utilize the bundle.


What type of customers can utilize the bundle? 

Prepaid customers can utilize the bundle.


Can I use my minutes and SMS on Korek’s network in Iraq or at any network around the world? 

No, you have to be roaming in certain specific networks to utilize your minutes and SMS. For more information about the covered networks, kindly contact the customer care center.