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What is the Voicemail service?

Services which allow you to receive, send, store and retrieve voice messages.

In which case can I divert my incoming calls to the Voicemail?

You are free to choose one of the below cases:

Busy – engaged with another call

Switched off – out of coverage area

Not answering

Or push all voice calls to the Voicemail

How to activate the Voicemail service?

To activate your Voicemail, divert your incoming calls to the voicemail number 222.

How to deactivate the Voicemail service?

Remove the diverting for the Voicemail number 222 from your phone.

How should I know if I have a new voice message in my mailbox?

You will be notified by message, informing you about the number who left you the message and the date and time of receiving.

What is the cost of retrieving the voice messages in my inbox from other mobile numbers?

FREE of charge

What is the cost of retrieving voice messages?

FREE of charge

What is the maximum length of voice message?

Voice message length is 30 seconds.

What is the cost of recording the voice message?

1.4 IQD per second

How can I listen to the new and saved messages in my mailbox?

By dialing *222 you will have the option to listen to the new and saved messages in your mailbox.

Can I save voice message after listening?

Yes, messages will be automatically saved in your mailbox.

How can I know my Voicemail PIN code?

When you activate the service, you will receive a message which contains your four digits PIN code.

Is there is an expiry date for the voice messages in my mailbox?

Yes, messages will be expired automatically after 30 days.

Do I have the option to personalize my Voicemail greeting message?

Yes, the greeting message might be:

Standard greeting message

Voice signature; which is a standard recorded greeting message followed by your name, you have the capability to record your name and add it to this message.

Personal greeting message; this message will be recorded completely by your voice. 

The service is available in which language?

Voicemail Service is available in Kurdish, Arabic, and English.

How many messages can be saved in the mailbox?

You can store up to 20 messages in your mailbox.

Is Voicemail service available to post-paid subscribers?

Voice mail is available to all Korek subscribers (pre-paid and post-paid).

How to listen to the messages in my mailbox from a friend number?

By dialing 224 and enter your number then your PIN code, following the prompts.

After listening to a voice message can I delete it?

Yes, after listening to a message you can delete, save, repeat it or listen to the number who left you the message.