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BlackBerry Services

BlackBerry from Korek is all about making the things that are important to you – like email, social networking, surfing the web and music – as easy and effortless as possible. You can send and receive emails, wirelessly sync calendar and contacts, make calls, access the web and download all the latest smartphone apps. With BlackBerry Internet Solution you can access up to 10 email accounts on a single BlackBerry smartphone – staying connected never got easier!



Choose the BlackBerry Service that suits your needs:


BlackBerry VIP


BlackBerry Complete

BlackBerry Social

Subscription Fee

20,000 IQD

10,000 IQD

8,000 IQD

5,000 IQD

Service Period

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days


2000 MB

1000 MB

750 MB

500 MB


Up to

Up to

Only 1












Instant Messaging






Users also can renew their subscription within the validity period if they had consumed their quota before that. renewal within the period can be requested through the “Activate” option in *250# menu.


How it works?

Your emails will be automatically and instantly delivered to your BlackBerry smartphone meaning you will never miss that important update and can respond quickly. BlackBerry is powered by Korek’s fast speed and reliable GPRS/EDGE enabled network.


Benefits to customer:


Your office is in your hand. BlackBerry allows you to access your emails anywhere at any time. And you don’t need to check your accounts, they check you – all email notifications are pushed to the device seamlessly and automatically. They arrive just like a text message. When traveling you no longer have to carry a heavy laptop to access your emails or the web. Your BlackBerry does it all.


Other benefits include:

 > Easy to use

 > Access up to 10 email accounts (applicable with BlackBerry and BlackBerry VIP only), including Gmail, MSN or POP3/Internet Service Providers (ISP)

 > Out of Office reply

 > Customizable signature

 > Choice of “Sent from” addresses

 > View email attachments in color (JPEG; BMP; TIFF; Microsoft Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®, Corel®; Word Perfect®; and Adobe® PDF)

 > Access individual email account icons on your BlackBerry home screen for each integrated internet email account. Click on each icon to see the incoming and outgoing messages related to that particular email account


How to apply?

 > Dial USSD code *250# to initiate your BlackBerry activation

 > Once USSD menu is accessed, reply with (3) for BlackBerry Offers. The list of Blackberry offers will be displayed

 > Select the Offer you want to activate, reply with the number displayed next to the selected offer

 > Select activate, reply with (1)

 > Confirm your selection, reply with (1)

 > You must switch off and on your phone to register your device on Korek’s network to complete activation


"BlackBerry FAQs"



For more info, please contact our customer care 411

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