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Promotional Offer of Internet devices from Korek

Now, buy any modem devices (MiFi or USB Dongle) from Korek and get an internet package for free, which valid for a month as per the following details:

With buying every "USB Dongle", get 10 GB Package for free.

With buying every "MiFi", get 10 GB Package for free.

*Note that through using MiFi you can share internet with 10 people via WiFi technology.

Via both modems and after the expiration of free subscription period, you can enjoy from the following monthly internet packages from Korek:

 > Extra consists of 10 GB costs 25,000 IQD

> Extra VIP consists of 20 GB costs 35,000 IQD 

> Extra Plus consists of 40 GB costs 50,000 IQD


You can benefit from this promotion via buying modem devices from Korek, as follows:

> USB Dongle price: only 36,000 IQD. 

> MiFi price: only 60,000 IQD. 

How it works?

1- Buy one of "MiFi or USB Dongle" from Korek.

2- Dial *299#.

3- Enter your device IMEI and Korek number on the device.

4- You will receive a congratulatory SMS regarding the activated free package, which depends on the device type.

Benefits to Customers:


Enjoy using the internet for free via Korek devices and enjoy sharing the internet with 10 people via WiFi technology by MiFi modem.


For more info, please contact 411 

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