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Customer Care

At Korek Telecom we want everyone to enjoy the best of our services. We are committed to providing you with all the help you need to use your mobile phone effectively and with ease. If you have any questions about Korek Telecom's products and services, or specifically about your mobile phone, we are here to assist.

Contact Customer Care

At Korek, we are always delighted to be of service to you, anytime of the day. Our friendly customer care agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dial 411 from any Korek number within Iraq. There is no charge for this call. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our valued customers.

Where does Korek Telecom have coverage?

Korek Telecom offers the largest and most reliable mobile network in Iraq. Our network covers the entire country and our cutting edge technology ensures we match the best network quality with best in class services. 

Where can I buy Korek Telecom SIM card and prepaid cards?

You can buy a Korek SIM card and prepaid cards at any Korek Retail Stores. 

What's the price of a SIM card?

Korek SIM card costs 1,000 IQD .

Some of my scratch card PIN numbers have been 2,erased, what should I do?

Call Korek customer care on your mobile phone at 411 and provide the serial number of your scratch card. 

My mobile phone has been lost, what should I do?

Go to your nearest Korek store, with your SIM contract form.

My SIM card is not working and I have no network?

Call Korek customer care at 411 and provide your number, plus the number on the back of your SIM for verification. 

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Go to your nearest Korek store, or kiosk and complete a complaint form. 

How can I find the nearest Korek store in my province?

Call Korek Telecom customer care at 411 and provide your location. 

How can I reactive receiving bulk SMS?

  •  To block unwanted promotional text messages just send 0 to short code 229.
  •  To unblock promotional text messages just send 1 to short code 229.


How do I make a conference call?

Korek Conferencing allows a Korek customer to conference in up to five (5) other people so that everyone is on one call. It's very easy:

  •  Make a new call
  •  Put the active call on hold
  •  Call a new party or answer an incoming call
  •  Select the conference call option from your phone’s menu
  •  Repeat the above mentioned steps to add more parties

Please refer to your user manual specific to your mobile handset, as some older models aren't able to set up conference calling. 

What is the number for Korek’s message centre?

It is:  +964750001140 

How can I check my balance?

  •  Dial on your mobile phone *211# and press Send
  •   Or dial on your mobile phone 211 or 321
  •  Or Dial *212*1*2# and then press Send

Can I change my prepaid line to a postpaid line?

Yes and you will need to visit a Korek store to make the change.

  • For Iraqis: You need to bring an ID, ration card, your prepaid line application, two photos and a 600.000 IQD deposit is required.
  • For Visitors: You need to bring your passport, your prepaid line application, two photos and a 600.000 IQD deposit is required.


How do I pay my monthly bill?

At the end of each month you will receive a text message from Korek Telecom to your mobile number or email to inform you to go to your nearest Korek service centre and pay your bill.

For more information, please call our customer care at 411