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IT Lab




What is IT Lab?

IT Lab is a part of Korek’s goal of promoting advancement in technology in the community and the country.


It is the newest initiative by Korek Telecom for the youth where a group of young people can work together on a decided upon project.


Korek will provide its servers for participants to test their products. In addition to that, the Korek IT team will be available for any questions or concerns.


The chosen groups will have until December to work on their ideas.  At the end Korek might buy or invest in the best projects.


Who can apply?

Young people with skills in IT, software engineering, and computer science working in 4-5 groups on projects of their choosing.


Project can be in any IT and Technology area, but suggested areas are:

 -  Mobile Apps

 -  Customer care digitilazation

 -  IOT

 -  Social CRM


How to apply?

Send an Email clarifying your idea and the project you want to work on with Korek Telecom, present use cases if there is any, clearly the outline and the outcome of your project.

Email your idea or project to: