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Haj and Umrah Roaming Packages

With Korek, stay in touch all the way from Mecca

With our new roaming packages, you can enjoy internet throughout your stay in KSA during Haj and Umrah and stay connected to your loved ones the whole time, with multiple packages fitting your every need:

1GB Package1GB10,000 IQD5 days
2GB Package2GB18,000 IQD7 days
4GB Package4GB35,000 IQD10 days
10GB Package10GB80,000 IQD14 days
Bundle 115 Minutes, 1GB15,000 IQD14 days
Bundle 240 Minutes, 2GB30,000 IQD14 days

To subscribe to these packages, dial *255*4#

For more information, please contact our Customer Care at 411.

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