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facebook twitter linkedin is a partnership between social networking services company Facebook and several companies that plan to bring affordable access to selected Internet services to some countries by increasing efficiency and facilitating the development of new business models around the provision of Internet access, (


Korek customers are able to access Free Basics and/or FB Flex only customers have made a top-up of at least 5,000 IQD in the last 30 days. i.e.upon a Top-Up of 5,000 IQD or more, Korek customers are granted access to the(Free Basics) and (FB Flex) and (Facebook messenger) for 30 days with an unlimited number of messages sent and received starting from the latest top-up date.


Note! The limitation of 75 messages per day on FB Messenger has been removed!

With a band of location-based essential websites such as governmental, health, education…etc. websites.

Note: The Kolish kafi and kolish kafi w zayd line not eligible to activate free basics service.

Korek is the first operator who launches across Iraq in brief means FREE FACEBOOK.

Currently is free basic available to all our customers. We are now adding minimum requirements to use the service and removing some limitations to current service:


How it works?

You can browse the basic version of Facebook and a list of beneficial sites through ( or from the “Free Basics app” if you are an android user.

Also, the customer can access the following websites free of charge:



Korek Website


Facebook – Free Data

Communicate with friends and family.


Send messages to friends and family.

I Learn

Read about women’s paths to success.

Money Matters

Learn how to manage your finances.


Get updated weather information

BBC Arabic بي بي سي عربي

اقرا اخر الأخبار العالمية

Search for information.


DW News

Global news made in Germany

Girl Effect

Read articles and tips for girls

Girl Effect: Springster

Find stories and inspiration for girls! / updated for web free basics


Search for missing family and friends

Smart Business

Learn how your business start.

Smart Woman

find information for the woman


Get tools and info for farmers.


Read free books and stories!

UNICEF Facts for Life

Raise healthy children.


find information


find information

Mathematics by

Games and Questions for All Ages

Benefits to customer:

Access the Facebook and Facebook Messenger (post, check the updates, send/receive messages, like and Share what's new and find more) and a selected news, health, learning sites all for FREE. 


How to apply?

It’s very easy, you only need to have a phone with a browser and you are good to go. By either: 

  •  Access the link ( from your phone browser and you will see the sites that you can browse including the free basic Facebook version 
  •  Or, download the “Free Basics app” from “” if you are an android user that contain the sites that you can browse including the free basic Facebook version
  •   To get the full internet access (including the full version of Facebook) you can always subscribe to any of our wide range of data offers. Please review the offers on:

Unlimited Data Bundles"



 For more information, contact our customer care 411

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