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Social 4x4 Internet Packages

With the Social 4x4 offer, Korek will revolutionise your online world by introducing reliable internet packages with different quotas and durations, all with unlimited free access to your favourite social media platforms. Immerse yourself as you enjoy boundless usage of Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Whatsapp, all at no additional cost. Stay up to date with friends and family, share memorable moments, and explore the captivating content that these platforms have to offer.

Our Social 4x4 package is designed to provide an unparalleled internet experience that seamlessly integrates with your digital lifestyle. Whether you're a social media enthusiast, a frequent communicator, or simply someone who values uninterrupted connectivity, this offer is tailored to your needs.

Stay connected, stay social, and embrace the power of unlimited usage with Korek. Explore the countless possibilities of the online world without worrying about data limitations. Subscribe today and experience an internet offer that combines convenience, flexibility, and endless connectivity.

Package Details:






5 GB

7,000 IQD

7 Days


10 GB

10,000 IQD

14 Days


10 GB

15,000 IQD

30 Days


50 GB

35,000 IQD

30 Days


Free Platforms:

No data will be consumed throughout the duration of the subscription while using the following applications:

  • Tiktok 
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Whatsapp


How To Subscribe:

To subscribe to any of these packages, please dial *250#

For more information, please call our Customer Care at 411



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