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New prepaid line



What is the "new prepaid line” from KOREK? 

Now with the new prepaid line from Korek and without any subscription fees, allows all new subscribers in the regions (Kirkuk, Salah al-Din , Diyala, Baghdad, Al-Anbar, Babel, Najaf, Karbala, Qadissiya, Muthanna, Wasat, Maysan, Basra, and ThiQar) enjoying the following features:


  1. Make calls at a reduced and unified price (2 IQD per second) to all local networks throughout the day & sending an SMS to all local networks with fee 50 IQD.

  2. Get free credit in every scratch card recharging, as follows:
    • Subscribers of new prepaid lines can get free credit on every recharge, which uses within the network for calls and SMS. After every recharge, the free credit will be directly added the subscriber's balance. 
    • This offer includes regular and electronic scratch cards, inside  (Baghdad, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Anbar, Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Al-Qadisiyah, and Muthanna , Basra, Wasit,  Thi-Qar and Maysan)regions , can get free credit starting with recharge card 5,000 IQD or more: according to the table below:

      Scratch Cards

      Scratch Card Validity

      Free Credit

      Free Credit Validity

      0 IQD  5,00 

      40 Days

      500 IQD  

      7 Days

      10,000 IQD  

      50 Days

      1,500 IQD  

      7 Days

      15,000 IQD  

      60 Days

      2,250 IQD  

      7 Days

      30,000 IQD  

      75 Days

      4,500 IQD  

      14 Days

      60,000 IQD  

      90 Days

      10,000 IQD  

      14 Days

    • Credit can be used to make calls and send SMSs within Korek network only.
    • To check the free credit dial *211# you will receive a text message that notifies you about the free-credit bonus.
    • Free credit is not transferable.
    • The offer includes new prepaid lines that activated starting from 2020/9/21.
    • The free credit can be used only within the provinces that covered by the offer.


Subscribe to the following unique packages:  

  1. Special activation package: applicable for all new prepaid lines starting from 1/7/2020 in the following provinces: “Baghdad, Anbar, Babil, Najaf, Karbala, Qadisiyah, Muthanna”.


Activation package features:

  • 60 minutes for all the local networks 
  • 60 SMSs for all the local networks
  • 500 MB.
  • Subscription fees 5000 IQD valid for 21 days.
  • Subscriber can subscribe to the package only once.


How to subscribe?

  • To activate the package, dial *320# or dial 1*1*1*2*320*for the direct activation                       
  • To check the balance, dial *3201*#                   


2. Kulish Kafi Package, for more info click  here

3. Kulish Kafi w Zaid Package, for more info click here


 How do you get the new line?

You can get a new prepaid line can from all major sales centers, principal agents and Korek point of sales in the provinces mentioned above.



For more information, please call our customer care at 411

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