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Korek is continuously creating new and innovative ways to provide more value and increase satisfaction by meeting all of our customer’ everyday needs.


Korek understands and appreciates the fact that each customer is unique and for that specific purpose we are launching a new initiative – We call it “Only For You”.


Only For You - is a new Korek program which has two main objectives.


  • To provide more value for our customers when they are using our products and services
  • Provide special offers and bonuses that matches each customers’ unique expectations

When a Korek customer receives an SMS message from OnlyForYou, it will always contain a surprise, special offer or a Bonus that is specially tailored for that customer. 


How it works?

  • Upon receiving an SMS from OnlyForYou -  follow the instructions in the message.
  • Dial *234# to stay up to date with the latest special offers, discounts and to inquire about remaining balance from offers.


Benefits to customer:

Enjoy special offers and Bonuses either for free or at lower rates



For more information, please call our customer care at 411

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