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Prepaid plan

There are no bills, no rental and no connection fee; you simply pay as you go.

You can purchase top up cards and top up your credit, meaning you always have control over how much you spend.

How to sign up as a KOREK prepaid Customer

Go to any of Korek’s stores or any Korek authorized distributor or kiosk nearest to you. Please ensure you bring the required documents as listed below.

  • Line price is 1,500 IQD with 500 IQD as free balance credit

Required documents include:   

For Citizen

  • Information Card
  • Civil ID or national ID

For Visitor 

  • Copy of Passport
  • Confirmation of Iraqi residence

Price list


Fee in IQD

Type of payment

Korek mobile to Korek mobile calls


Per second 

Korek mobile to other mobile calls 


Per second 

Short message to Korek mobile 


Per message 

Short message to Korek mobile inside a government group  


Per message 

Short message to other mobile 


Per message 

International SMS 


Per message 

International calls*

Start @ 295

Per minute 

* International calls Rates


For more information, call 411